Mime Artists

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Our Mime Artist has been performing as a professional mime artist, locally and abroad, since 1997. Some of the most popular Mime Characters are:


Everyone’s favourite character mime, Charlie needs no introduction. From his classic walk, walking stick, tipping of his hat, moustache and slapstick tricks, to charming crowds wherever he goes. A crowd pleaser at any event.


Roaming mimes create a wonderful vibe at Festivals, Fairs, Shopping Centres and Corporate functions alike as they interact through mimicry, creating unseen worlds and comic surprises.


Convict is a fun character mime who sneaks around peaking into shopping bags, handbags and whatever is there for the taking. He is an excellent character mime for entertaining passersby at events, fairs, shopping centres and in any public area. Great entertainment value.


This interactive robotic mime character first made its appearance at the V&A Waterfront and is the character that gets the most wows. “Is it real or not”. Ladies have often run off leaving their shoes behind out of surprise when Robotman moves. Children love Robotman and grown-ups become children when watching this character perform.


Attracts ‘feet’ to your exhibition with great success. Here Leigh the Mime and another trained mime is performing for Charlene Sauerman Couture at a Bridal Fair.

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